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Hungry After a Night Out? Turn to Any One of These 24-Hour Restaurants In and Around Atlanta

Atlanta isn’t necessarily a 24-hour kind of town, like Las Vegas or New Orleans. For this reason, options for around-the-clock dining are limited to mainly fast food – but, there are a few gems in and around the Atlanta area where hungry folks can sit down and grab a bite, no matter what time is on the clock. Whether it’s traditional diner fare or more international dishes, any of these local hotspots in Atlanta and its surrounding areas will give you the sustenance you need so desperately need at 2 AM on a weekend.

Marietta Diner – 306 Cobb Parkway S, Marietta, Georgia 30060

Sure, you have to drive a little outside of the city to enjoy Marietta Diner, but the experience is well worth it. Now celebrating over 25 years of service, Marietta Diner gained a solid reputation in the Atlanta community and has even been featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Like any legitimate diner, it boasts a menu that might as well be its own novel, with pages filled with breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections. Enjoy their selection of omelets, Belgian waffles, or French toast, or delve into their burgers, sandwiches, and other lunch/dinner specialties. Best of all, there’s a whole host of cakes and pies to take home with you for an early morning snack.

Sublime Doughnuts – 535 10th Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Sometimes, what you simply need is a donut. Owned by a baker, Kamal Grant, Sublime Doughnuts stays true to its name with its 24-hour schedule and delicious array of donuts. Located on the edge of the Georgia Tech campus, students and non-students alike can enjoy this Atlanta hotspot’s rotation of doughnuts, ice cream, and coffee, whether it’s 6 AM or 1 AM. Their popular donut selections include Fresh Strawberries N Cream, Orange Dream Star, S’mores, Nestle Crunch, Dulce De Leche, and Oreo. Their signature ice cream is also combined with their delicious donuts to make “burgers,” or what are essentially donut ice cream sandwiches. Not by Georgia Tech? There’s also a location open 24/7 on Briarcliff Road.

Pho 24 – 4646 US-23, Atlanta, Georgia 30329

Who couldn’t use a comforting bowl of pho at midnight? That’s the question Atlanta restaurant, Pho 24, aims to answer. Although it’s not technically open 24-hours a day, Pho 24 is close enough to hit the mark, with business hours from 10 AM to 6 AM every single day of the week, and only closes briefly in the morning hours to restock and restaff. So, you can still get your late-night fix of spring rolls, bánh mì sandwiches, and other popular Vietnamese delicacies. All of their dishes are made with a variety of soy or fish sauces, veggies, and fresh herbs to make your tastebuds sing and give you something to be grateful for at odd hours of the day. C’mon, no one wants to resort to McDonald’s every time they are in a pinch!

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