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4 Items In Your Apartment That Could Potentially Be Cleaned Less Often

You might not really believe this when we say it, but it’s actually quite possible to clean certain items in your apartment too much. While there’s nothing particularly wrong with a sparkling clean apartment home, over-cleaning is a way to waste your precious time and energy, and at times, it can even ruin your belongings completely. And, who wants that? So, how do you know if you're engaging in a practice that’s harmful to your physical and mental well-being, as well as the lifespan of your most precious purchases? Well, as they say, the proof is in the pudding! Below, at Wildwood Ridge Apartments, we have a few examples of everyday items that are fairly common to clean too much. Read on to discover our top 4 picks!

Wood Furniture

Who knew spraying your wood furniture too often could actually make it dirtier? Turns out wax-based sprays, such as the ones especially formulated for wiping down wood, can forge an oily build-up that attracts more dust and dirt when used more than once or twice monthly. These very sprays can even remove the finish on certain wood furniture! Before you plan your next wood-cleaning spree, consider simply using a dry cloth to remove dust and other grime, instead.


Look, we all love sparkling clean dishes, but the truth is that you’re wasting your time with excessive soaking and rinsing. While it might seem like a quick rinse or soak beforehand is expediting your dishwashing process, it doesn’t take much soap to disinfect your dishes in reality. Therefore, it is your best bet to just clean them in one fell swoop in the dishwasher that’s located in the fully equipped kitchen of your apartment home and just be done with the chore altogether!

Cast Iron Pans

It’s only natural to want to clean your dirty cast iron pans with dish soap, but you won’t be doing them —or your following dinners — any favors. Dish soap is notorious for stripping cast iron pans and skillets of the seasonings that they accumulate with cooking over time. That’s why many experienced chefs and kitchen gurus suggest using water only when cleaning cast iron pans. Spare yourself the time and blasé meals and skip the soap. If you must use something other than H2O, try kosher salt, instead.

Plush Carpet

When you spill something on your carpet, it’s easy to want to oversaturate the stain with a cleaning solution. Using too much carpet cleaner can actually weaken and damage your carpet, though. In lieu of dousing your carpet with an excess cleaning product, the next time you treat a stain, opt for a more natural solution, such as diluted vinegar, and avoid destroying the integrity of the carpet fibers. Don’t worry – you’ll thank us in the long run, when your carpet is still looking brand-new.

At Wildwood Ridge Apartments in Atlanta, Georgia, we understand your need for an apartment living experience that satisfies all of your needs. That’s why we’re dedicated to keeping you informed of the latest, must-know information!

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