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Use Any One of These 4 Websites to Your Advantage and Learn Something New Every Day

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Despite your age, occupation, or educational background, learning something new is always an exciting endeavor! However, it becomes increasingly challenging as adults to pick up new skills with all of our other responsibilities. But, did you know that there are ways around traditional learning that don’t include lengthy lectures and time-consuming assignments? Thanks to the power of the Internet, you can learn new subjects on the fly – even dedicating 30 minutes or less to your lessons, yet still retaining all the useful information you need to truly succeed in your newest venture. Here are the top 4 websites we recommend, depending on the subject you’re looking to explore further:

Topic(s): Cooking, writing, photography, design, illustration, & more
For only ten bucks, you can gain access to bite-sized, on-demand courses taught by leading experts in subjects, such 3D illustration, essay writing, floral arrangement, and even cookie decoration. Think of names like Gary Vaynerchuk, Roxane Gay, and more! With each course, you’re getting high-quality information that will inspire you to take your skillset – whatever it may be – to the next level.

Topic(s): Software development
Using a game-driven curriculum, Codecademy helps anyone – and we mean, anyone – build a website through an interactive learning approach. Learn any programming language you wish, from HTML and CSS to JavaScript and Ruby on Rails, by utilizing a hands-on method, as opposed to a theoretical one. Whether you want to build upon your resume or brush up on basic skills, this free program is the way to go!

Topic(s): Meditation
With Calm, you can learn different types of meditation – all with the help of a guide to navigating you through the process. Even if it’s your first time trying meditation, you’ll find this website, or app, depending on which you choose to use, is easy to follow and just as helpful. Whether you struggle with stress, focus issues, or sleep quality, Calm helps you tap into the power of breath to better your wellbeing.

Topic(s): Foreign languages
Do you believe that you’re too busy to learn a foreign language? Then, meet Rype, your personal tutor for all things languages. With this website, you’ll get unlimited, one-on-one language lessons with professional teachers from around the world. Each lesson is just 30 minutes, allowing you to squeeze something as complex as learning a new language into your busy lifestyle!

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