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5 Flowers That Are Easy To Grow

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There are many benefits to growing your own flowers at your apartment. You can enjoy the beauty without spending a lot of money on bouquets or arrangements, and you can ensure that there are no harmful pesticides or preservatives used in the growth process.

Flowers can be challenging to grow, especially for beginners. Some flowers are finicky and require a lot of care. Others are easy to grow and less likely to die on you. Below are five flowers that are easy to grow so that you can experience the joys of gardening.


Planting your own marigolds is a beautiful way to brighten up your space. There are a variety of colors available, including yellow, bright gold, or copper, so you can take your pick.

These flowers sprout fairly quickly, which is one of their best qualities. They're not very hard to care for, and if you deadhead them occasionally, they'll keep blooming for a long time.

Seeds should be sown in the soil, lightly mulched, and moistened gently. Marigolds thrive in full sunlight and only require watering once a week. It should take just a few days for the seeds to emerge if the temperature is warm.


Cosmos are elegant, easy-to-maintain, eye-catching flowers that come in a wide array of colors. Smaller varieties are suitable for containers, while taller varieties are better suited for outdoor gardens.

They thrive in almost any soil type and can sometimes even survive in bad soil. In fact, these flowers prefer soil that is not too rich. Just make sure they get enough sunlight and water them when the soil becomes dry.

Sweet Alyssum

There's nothing sweeter than sweet alyssum, a low groundcover that smells like vanilla honey and produces tiny blooms in shades of pink and light purple.

As an annual, alyssum likes to grow next to stones or alongside other plants, on open ground, hanging containers, and in hanging baskets.

It may become a bit wilted in hot weather due to its preference for full sun. You can start from seeds by scattering and pressing them gently into the soil since seeds have to be exposed to light to germinate. Water once a week or when the ground begins to dry.

Snap Dragons

Easily grown and popular with both adults and children, snapdragons make gorgeous blossoms that display delicate petals. They come in almost every color and can make excellent arrangements that stand out.

You can grow them directly in the ground or pots. A sunny to partially shaded location is ideal, and seedlings can be planted by gently pressing the seeds into the soil. To encourage more blooms, make sure to deadhead the plant frequently.


Nasturtiums are exceptionally hardy plants and don't require highly fertile soil to thrive. They actually grow better when cultivated in poor soil. Their blooms come in a variety of warm hues.

Depending on their spacing, they can grow to a height of 6 to 24 inches. You will have shorter plants if seeds are planted in close proximity. Be sure to water once a week but don’t overwater. These flowers thrive in free-draining soil. Aside from being beautiful, nasturtiums naturally keep pests away.

Flowers are lovely gifts for special occasions and holidays, but they are also a fun hobby if you want to grow them yourself. There is something rewarding about watching a seedling grow into a mature plant and bloom.

You may be surprised by how simple it is to grow flowers, even if you don’t have much space. You can start your own flower garden with just a few pots, some seeds, and a sunny spot in your apartment.

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