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Feeling Intimidated By Your First Post-Vaccination Vacation? Here Is What to Keep in Mind

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Have you already started planning your summer vacation? Well, you are probably excited to consider where you'd like to visit after over a year of strict isolation protocols. That’s right – The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, more commonly known as the CDC, recently stated that those vaccinated against COVID-19 can safely travel. While the prospect of travel is something you've imagined in your mind time and again for the past fifteen months, it’s a bit daunting, nonetheless. How can you brush up on vacation etiquette, especially on your first post-vaccination vacation? Read on for a few suggestions.

Keep it short and sweet.

Considering you've been stuck in your apartment home for the past year and a half, it is tempting to book a bucket-list trip to celebrate your vaccination status. Instead, we suggest saving the overseas trips for 2022 or 2023, once the world is back in working order. It's better to opt for planning a trip that's more low-key right now, like a remote island resort, a cabin rental in the woods, or a weekend visit to another city not too far off the beaten path. While the vaccine rollout continues around the world, we need to give other countries a little courtesy, starting with the chance to catch up to our vaccination rates. Soon enough, they'll be eager to host American travelers – just maybe not this year. So, stay close to home and don’t make your first trip a grand excursion in distance or time.

Listen to the locals.

Just like respecting international populations, you need to pay regard to the local population of wherever you decide to travel. Traveling is a privilege, and with that privilege, you must maintain a certain level of responsibility and remain a respectful visitor and an ethical consumer. Remember, despite the vaccination rollout, we are still listening and learning all we can about the novel coronavirus. We still don't know its long-term impacts on the human body, so it's important that we are kind and courteous to all of the people around us, not just the ones in our own communities. Play by the rules: wearing a mask if it's still required, maintaining social distance, and adhering to any other local mandates. Do not take advantage of this situation just because you are on vacation!

Be patient and generous.

Everyone knows that businesses are suffering right now, especially small to medium-sized businesses, like many of the ones you might see lining main thoroughfares when you're exploring the new town or city you're visiting. Due to mandates, many of these businesses were forced to closed or operate under very strict enforcements for the better part of a year. Now, they are focused on recovery, and they need your help in order to succeed. Some spots are gearing up for what could be an abnormally busy summer, so do your part and be flexible with all workers in a public-facing role, such as bartenders, waiters, tour guides, flight attendants, and hotel staff. It is important to be patient if service is slow or certain items are unavailable due to inevitable shortages. And, of course, remember to tip generously and well!

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