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In Need of a Last-Minute Gift Idea? Here Are Three Great Options

When it comes to shopping for the holidays, we've all been there when things get down to the wire. Maybe, you’ve finished shopping for the majority of folks on your list, but you still have a few other ideas that are hanging in the balance. Whether the gift for this particular person just slipped your mind or is being approached at the last possible minute, we've got you covered on a few last-minute gifts that can still be thoughtful, clever, and unique. Check them out below!

Meal Kit

Meal kits have become all the rage in recent years. HelloFresh, Blue Apron, Daily Harvest … these names just scratch the surface as to what is available on the modern meal delivery service market. These services have become even more popular during the pandemic, as families opt to skip the crowded grocery store check-out line and have increasingly more goods and services delivered to their front door. If your gift recipient has special nutritional requirements, there are even vegetarian and vegan options!

Streaming Subscription

These days, everyone is streaming their entertainment. Whether it's Disney+, Hulu, or Netflix, binging is not only popular with Internet users across the globe, but it’s also become its very own cultural phenomenon. A gift card to any one of these services will provide your gift recipient with a few months-worth of the streamable services at no cost to them. This way, they can stream all of their favorite TV series, movies, and more! Hey, it even may encourage them to stop mooching off of your account…

ClassPass Gift Card

If you want to encourage your loved one to stay fit during the pandemic, a ClassPass gift card just might be the perfect gift for the health enthusiast in your life. A ClassPass membership allows beginners and gurus alike to explore boutique fitness classes. During the pandemic, they are offering live streamed classes with their partner studios, so you can get your calorie burn in at home! Most classes are 15 bucks a pop! Therefore, we suggest giving a gift certificate in those increments.

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